Currently playing a French techno-thriller called Vade Mecum. It takes inspiration from Parasite Eve, Metal Gear, Die Hard and the like. We play LAPD cops who have 24 hours to save the US of A, and thus, the World.
Action scenes are played on a chessboard, each character's special maneuvers are based on their chess pieces' movement.♟️
The official campaign is pretty railroady, but we are having fun nonetheless :blobaww:.

Maintenant, quand je reçois des appels d'arnaque au , je leur demande d'ouvrir leur compte formation à eux car j'ai des offres à leur proposer. Ils raccrochent en moins de 20 secondes. 🥳

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The Prompter Hawk is a giant magical bird which, according to legend, cannot see those who answer its probing questions, so that is the safest way to avoid being devoured. The Prompter Hawk will present discussions here on Mastodon each day of August. This post shows the first ten, there will be daily posts for each one. Reply to individual posts or use the prompt-specific hashtag. (Feel free to re-use any images, and it’s OK to miss days, jump ahead, catch up later, etc.). #TTRPG #PrompterHawk

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Desperate, the halfling accountant prayed to the toad god Pipa Pipa for a miracle. It was granted, but at what cost? The halfling mutated horribly, taking gruesome batrachian features. His back hunched, then inflated, bloated by dozens of eggs that soon burst, releasing poison dart frogs upon the nomads encircling him. They hadn't taken well to the murder of their comrade, when the accountant had approached them under friendly pretences, bottle of poisoned champagne in hand.

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Each Monday, everyone should share their favorite move they made or witnessed in a #ttrpg session from the previous seven days. Use your own criteria: coolest, funniest, most creative, most clutch, whatever. Don't sweat how it stacks up to anyone else, it's just an excuse to talk about what's happening in your games. We'll call it #MoveOfTheWeek Mondays.


When I spend the same time drawing a map, it can fuel the entire group for a whole session or more. The effort-to-fun ratio, if such a thing even makes sense, is much better.

I may try to tweak a few things in the future, like make sure the book reports are relevant to the entire party, and provide enough information to bring more creative fuel to the game. But I fear this might just make them even longer to write.

I might just drop those and focus on more useful handouts.

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I have been experimenting with "book reports" as handouts for players whenever their character find an old grimoire or scroll.

It provides a more interesting way to interact with the book than if I were to merely describe its content out loud as referee.

I'm not sure it's worth it, however. It takes me about an hour of prep to write one of those, and it's then the highlight of a single scene for a single character. (cont. 1/2)


My players plundered a cartographer's library. Fortunately, I had plenty of maps at hand to throw their way 😅.

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Bonjour ! Radio-Rôliste, podcast indépendant sur le “papier” sous toutes ses formes (sur table, bien sûr, mais aussi virtuel, parfois grandeur nature, expérimental ou maintream) s'installe aussi dans le Fédiverse. Bonjour à toutes et à tous, nous sommes en juillet 2022 et ceci est notre premier toot !


J'ai converti à Coureurs d'Orages le meujeu de Pathfinder, la meujeu de D&D5 et maintenant un nouveau meneur. Bientôt tout mon asso de sera adepte d' minimaliste 😈.

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Est-ce que quelqu'un sait si le module Lair of the Lamb, d'Arnold Kemp, a déjà été traduit en français ? @brunobord peut-être ?

C'est un module que j'aime bien mener et qui est super pour les débutants. Je comptais le traduire cet été pour le rendre accessible aux francophones, mais si c'est déjà fait, autant m'économiser l'effort 😄.

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"Have you been running your campaign for a while? I have some questions!"

2½ years later and I'm still curious.

We organised a small 40-people yesterday evening. Lots of fun to be had, despite a few technical issues. 🔧

The secret separatist faction managed to colonise a sector of the galaxy before any of the major nations could, spies were betrayed, murderers arrested, and devious schemes executed. 🚀

A lot of effort went in trying to unmask inexistent aliens, following a baseless rumour started by the conspiracy theorist bartender NPC. 👽

Let's hope next year's will be even better!

I'm working on a retro-sci-fi taking place on a space station in a new galaxy.

Computers will be available and part of the game, I made a terminal user interface for the players to use and hack each other. ☠️⌨️

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Getting to know us
I started gaming in 1980, with an unofficial, unauthorized, translation of Holmes D&D that was making the rounds of wargaming clubs in Rome.
I'm mostly a "trad/OSR" gamer, but I play almost anything.
Even if pre-3.x D&D has the lion share, I've played or GMed lots of different games: from Faserip to Traveller, and Pendragon, MERP/RM/SM, Warhammer, Hero, SW D6, Shadowrun to name some.
These days I tend to avoid crunch heavy or very complex games.

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Anyone can draw a square of the dungeon!

Whether you use TuxPaint, GIMP, Krita, Inkscape… Whether it's scribbled with a mouse, hand-drawn on a tablet or finger-painted with pink nail polish… Feel free to send your piece of the dungeon!

Full rules here:

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