See that? That's my latest , "Meanwhile, in the subway"; that's also a subway map; that's an insane project and I pulled off, and damn if I'm proud of it!🚇⬇️

What's it about? It's basically my love letter to, and other surrealisticpunk games, where absurd and extraordinary situations are much more important than whether the characters succeed or fail…

It's a game that takes place in the subway of a city like no other, in which ordinarily extraordinary people live the extraordinarily ordinary adventures. All of that diceless, with a GM, for frenzied one-shots or short campaigns!


It's also, as you can see, a wonderful subway map on which sweated his ass off for this result. And it's also available in print!! Here's me proudly holding the French version:

A wonderful full-color, double-sided, NINETY by SIXTY centimers map! I'm so glad pushed me again and again to do it <3

I could go on, but suffice to say that if you like absurd atmospheres, games where improv's the word, or simply gorgeous posters, you should have a look at "Meanwhile, in the subway"!
You can buy it here:

Thanks for your support!

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