I wrote a short # for kids about jungle animals dealing with dysphoria in a light and merry way for a French RPG design competition and (somehow) won. 🥳

All of the 30 submitted games are available for free under CC BY-NC-SA, so if you can read French, do have a look, one of them might be up your alley:

10. Satisfactory

First-person factory-building and automation . Great co-op experience but can be tedious and repetitive at times. Walking through the factory I built, coffee cup in hand, is incredibly satisfying, I’ll gladly replay it all over again once it’s out of early access.


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9. Dragonheist remix

Awesome rewrite of a mediocre D&D module, making for a really nice heist-focused fantasy campaign. I’ve remixed this remix to adapt it to my Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign to great effect, a pleasure to read and run, unlike the sub-par original adventure.


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8. Res Arcana

Engine-building with great combos unfortunately spoiled a bit by the slow setup: having a single action per turn prevents cool cascading effects. Best played as a draft with experienced players.


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7. ARC: Doom Tabletop RPG

Beautiful in which we try to cancel the apocalypse before it’s too late. The clock is ticking in real time, putting some pressure on the players without being too stressful. The rituals to regain spell uses are charming and often involve meta-game actions like sending personal messages to your fellow players. A good time all around!


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6. Inscryption

Most of you probably heard of it, great deck-building with a strong narrative that sometimes gets a bit lost in the meta-meta-plot. Enjoyable nonetheless for the cool cards and surprising paradigm shifts.


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5. 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel

I’m not into chess, but this provides just the right level of zaniness to keep me interested. Sending pieces backwards in time to create alternate chessboards, from which to coordinate an assault into a single target board to checkmate a past version of the king makes me feel like a genius whenever I pull it off, it’s definitely a recommend. Only 5th on this list because it has 4 dimensions, not 5.


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4. Oltréé!

The co-op , not the TTRPG (which is also great, though). Lots of tokens and cards, but not that hard to understand and play since everything is guided by an engaging and easy to follow narrative. Building the castle, securing the surrounding area, and solving the villagers’ little problems, all while handling the crazy events each story deck is throwing at you can be quite the challenge, but beating it as a team is great!


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3. Heat Signature

Fast-paced tactical action with active pause. Play a rogue agent in space, infiltrating ships to steal sci-fi devices, free prisoners and murder people. Full of tense situations that require careful planning and clever improvisation. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of shattering a cockpit to eject everyone in the void of space then remote-controlling a ship to pick oneself up as well as the target right before either suffocate.


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2. Noita

in which everything can (and will) be destroyed. Liquids and powders react left and right in a lethal dungeon that must be survived using custom-built magic wands that are even more dangerous than anything else found down there.

Endless hours of fun, even if the endgame can be tedious at times. Fiddling with wands to experiment new deadly spells combinations proves surprisingly deep. Permadeath makes for a brutal challenge. Awesome all around.


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1. Ultraviolet Grasslands

Had already played it before but only really delved deep into it this year, with 30+ game sessions in 2021.

It’s a about the travels of a merchant caravan along a techno-oniric silk road inspired by prog rock and Mœbius. It’s dripping with flavour and inspiration, each new location is a new world to discover, truly the best of the best.


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Thread of my top 10 games of the year 2021, across all categories. Not necessarily published in 2021 (in fact, most weren’t), just games or extensions that I enjoyed playing last year.

I’ll start with number 1 and not 10 because screw suspense, lets get to the good stuff right away. 🌠


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