enjoyers of the , let's draw a dungeon together, style!

Grab the template below and draw a chunk of the dungeon. Then post it as a reply to this post along its coordinates on the 5x5 dungeon grid.

You can draw using any software you like in the style of your choosing, just make sure to match the entrances and exits of the neighbouring squares that have already been submitted!

Once the map is complete, we will have another round to describe the rooms.

And here is the dungeon map once updated with this first submission!


Anyone can draw a square of the dungeon!

Whether you use TuxPaint, GIMP, Krita, Inkscape… Whether it's scribbled with a mouse, hand-drawn on a tablet or finger-painted with pink nail polish… Feel free to send your piece of the dungeon!

Full rules here:


Don't forget to send in your square submission for the dungeon!

Rules here, anyone can participate:

@tennoseremel Thank you, I added your submission to the map!

It looks a bit more like an outdoor area than a dungeon dug in stone, but let's see where is leads :blobcat:.

@Whidou I guess I missed that the dungeon is *literally* dungeon… :blobcatgoogly:

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