Still finding it a struggle to get invested in Mastadon. It suffers from the problems of twitter (short posts, no comments), while also lacking the critical mass of people. The later might change slowly, but I discussion via threads is still disappointing. A shame never caught on. Feels like a better fit for RPG discussion. Was reminded of it again today.

I would ask yourself (as I do ALL THE TIME for me; I'm no shining example 😏) if you are getting out what you are *putting in*?

Are you posting your thoughts here; is it the first place you think of in priority rather than later down the line? We all run out of steam posting the same thing and the later places often get missed due to running out of that posting energy.

Are you looking at who people you are currently following's follows? Sometimes going down a fediverse rabbit follow-hole is good for expansion and enrichment of the experience.

Have you looked at mastodon lists to separate some people into for more sane streams?

It really is stuff I also ask myself...and sometimes fail at doing. Honestly this aspect of social media REQUIRES work be put into it. However, the interactions tend to be so much better than the big places. There is a reason it is "easier". There has been plenty of electrons spilled over the surveillance capitalism based big social media places...

@presgas I need to think more about how to make this space work better for me. I dislike the twitter-ish format for discussion. Like this exchange should be comments on my first post, not a weird thread. But that’s just me, perhaps. I think the format lends itself to ephemera.

@funkaoshi If the format is the main issue, you could try another Fediverse platform, it'll still be compatible with Mastodon, but you could find one that lets you write longer posts like Plume or Hubzilla.


@Whidou @funkaoshi @presgas I've been thinking about looking at other Fediverse platforms too. Practical question: can I follow people on say, Diaspora and get their posts in my Mastodon feed?


@e_eric Well, diaspora is an exception because it's not using the ActivityPub protocol, it's not federated with Mastodon and such.

But you can follow someone on Misskey, Pleroma, PeerTube, Pixelfed…

All you have to do is paste the link to their profile into the Mastodon search bar, then click "Follow".

@funkaoshi @presgas

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