The new cover for the reprint of The Dark of Hot Springs Island has been revealed and man, I'm glad I have the original one 😅.
It would have been so much harder to convince the players that the efreet is not a bad guy with such an illustration sitting on the table.

I'd also rather have the cool skull-compass 💀 on the cover than some nereid's bottom. That being said, it's well drawn, like the rest of the book.

@Whidou well painted, I like the blue and red. But it’s…dull. I don’t know, I’m no expert.

@chrismennell You are right, I think it's trying a bit too hard to go for a "classic" feel, probably in a Vallejo style, and it comes out a bit flat as a result.


@Whidou There's so much messed up in this module and it kind of needs the app (Chartopia, I mean) and if you do use the app, you're out of luck if you accidentally reload or navigate away without saving. I feel like Neverland iterated on the structure and executed it more workably, with a more reasonable amount of tables and rolls.

That said, Hot Springs Island is still a huge part of our campaign only with not so much sexual violence because Do Not Want. Do I regret using it? A little.


@Sandra I had to excise most of the sexual content too. And also spiders 🙃.

But overall my group keeps fond memories of this module, it made for a great adventure.

My main gripe with it is the missing bathhouse dungeon, it's such a headache to handle 😅.

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